“Curiosity is a willing, a proud, and an eager confession of ignorance

~S. Leonard Rubinstein

Where do you want to go? What’s your next big adventure, or challenge? Regardless of where you are headed, one simple and useful method offers premium fuel for the journey — from where you are, to where your meant to be!

Cultivating curiosity!

For any challenge we face, or for any creative endeavor we are inspired to pursue, there is one ingredient essential to taking the first step…

You've got to try something new!

Whatever motivates you, curiosity is the natural means by which we explore new things, experiment, tinker, and discover new ways to enhance our lives. Without curiosity, you're simply on autopilot!

Unfortunately, whether in the workplace or in our home lives, people around us often frown upon curiosity as an activity that leads to trouble! As a society, we literally stifle our natural creative abilities because asking new questions, being curious, takes many folks out of their comfort zone.

As Ben Horowitz says, if you want success,Build a culture that rewards — not punishes — people for getting problems into the open where they can be solved.”

A Growth Mindset

Curiosity, consistently leveraged, is the genesis of new beginnings, your ready-to-go agent for change! It is the foundation for what Carol Dweck, American Psychologist and author, calls a growth mindset (granted she takes the topic well beyond curiosity as a tool for growth!). In her works she points out that without a growth mindset people will demonstrate traits that are the exact opposite, which is described as a fixed mindset. She also points out that a growth mindset is an essential component of a prosperous life.  It not only improves your intelligence, but when put to good use, it naturally alters the course of your life for the better!

Too often, even with countless opportunities to try something new, we limit the potential of what we might learn by staying in our comfort zone, which is the very definition of a fixed mindset. Essentially, to stay comfortable, we restrict what we will try to the confines of what we already know. This greatly limits our ability to improve our skills, discover and develop new ones, or quickly (and effectively) fix things that don't work!

The price of a fixed mindset is stagnation, and the cost is made clear when you are lying on your death bed wondering why you didn't take more chances by trying the things you always wanted to but simply didn't take the time.

Carpe Diem

You could say that I'm on a crusade to have people take their last breathe without that sense of "should have, could have", and that work starts right now!

There is infinite potential in what lies outside of our comfort zone. Good news is, the path to get there starts when you simply experiment with new things! In short, when we explore new insights, put them into action, and share them with others, we grow.

So make room in your day to pursue your personal and professional aspirations via the exploration of new things!

Are you willing to be the change you want to see in your life?

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